Thursday, May 3, 2018

Lata Medang Waterfall @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

Lata Medang Waterfall is located at Kampung Pertak, Kuala Kubu Bharu (a small village in Selangor). There are mostly orang asli staying over there. From GPS, you can search for JKOA Kg Pertak, which it will bring you to the village. When you reach the village junction, please take the right side as there is only one way to go in. Drive all the way till you see a pondok with a few of orang asli. They will be collecting RM1 per headcount as fund to manage the hill.

After passing through the pondok, go all the way straight and look for the parking.

ps: It's a very famous location for hiking, therefore, if you want to get good parking spot, please go earlier. 

In case, the parking area is full and you are not sure where to park, there is a field before the pondok where some of the cars park over there.

You can park there and take a short walk to go in. *Well you already prepared for hiking, it's does not really matter for you to walk a few more km.

Once you reach the entrance of the waterfall, you will see the crowd. There is one spot for camping, you may consider to camp at the entrance part if you are not keen on hiking.

From the entrance part, you will see a lot of car parking along the roadside, because there is really having limited parking space. Do consider to come early if you want to have good parking spot.

ps: Do alert that this trail also can lead to Bukit Kutu Peak. It's connected.

From entrance, you can just follow the crowd or you just follow the car direction. Just walk all the way in, till you see the 1st bridge that you going to crossing.
Beside the bridge, there is a small waterfall.

This trail is a pretty easy trail, it's suitable for all the beginners. But for those having knee problem, there is one part that you may need to be extra cautious, which is the last part before reaching the waterfall. As it is ascending all the way, but just a short distance only. Just take note on that.

Turn Left - Crossing Bridge
Turn Right - Crossing River

If you take the left route, this is the bridge you that will be crossing.
 We actually found out there are a few spot that is very good for camping which you may consider.
One of the spot is below:
Spot which is spacious with easily accessible water supply.

There are few junctions that you may need to take note. 1st of the junction as below, if you want to go waterfall, take a left turn, if you want to go Bukit Kutu Peak, take the a right turn.
This is tje junction you need to take note.
Left - waterfall & Right - Bukit Kutu Peak
 Ps: Bukit Kutu probably require 7hours for return (bot ascend & Descend) with normal speed.

 As you can see, most of the trail way is just flat. About 30mins away from the starting point, there will be another camping spot and with the small waterfall. 

 I love the greenery, the beauty of calmness & peaceful of nature.

When you reached the junction below, take the right side to go to waterfall. If you ask me where will be for left side, i also not sure. But i will explore it one day and let you all know.

From this point onwards, there will be slightly uphill. From starting point to this junction might just require 30-45mins.

Our resting point before we continue the hike as it gets steeper.

Slightly uphill.
 Always remember, when you reached uphill, just continue with your own pace and do not rush. Do not try to chase the people in front of you because it will make you feel more tiring.

This is the last part that i mentioned earlier.

Uphill, but just a short one.

When you reached flat ground, stop for awhile, and have a look to your surrounding. You will find the nice scenery around you.

 After the last uphill, it will be all the way flat. Just go straight, within 10mins, you will reached the waterfall site. There are a few places that you can stop by. Depends on where you want to spend time at.

See clearly when you reach the tree side, there is "Bear Paw" on the tree.

Finally, you will reach the waterfall.

Our Awesome guide on that day.

The water is crystal clear.

My Models of the day <3

Another Waterfall spot. 

You can play water sliding here.

 Lata Medang Waterfall - 2 hours hike from starting point to the peak of the waterfall point. Pretty easy trail as you can see above and also along the way, you will get to see alot of plants, trees, bamboo and nice scenic view

Some of the nice scenery, you cant feel it from the photo. Experience it by yourselves on the spot. Trust me, you will get different kind of feeling.

Total hike could take you 4 hours. Plus the time you spend in the waterfall, probably will take half of your day.

Since it's pretty easy trails, you may not require to carry alot stuff with you. But in your bagpack, you should have at least 1.5L water, First aid, dry food, 100plus, packed lunch.

For us, we dont do packed lunch, because we got one hero chef, he dont like to eat simple food. He love to eat own cooked food and therefore, we cooked our carbonara macaroni. And it is super yummy.

On top of that, we also carried one big watermelon up as our dessert. Thanks to our Janice <3.

We did a simple cooking over there. And it was so delicious.
Super woman of the day.
Enjoying our watermelon. Yummy and sweet.

 That's all about the hike to Lata Medang. I strongly recommend all of you to go and have a try. But do remember, please take down all your rubbish. We, as a hiker and nature lover, we should do our part to keep the nature clean.

DO let me know if you need to know more info. If you want to jio or invite me to hike together, drop me an email or message too.

Stay Tuned for upcoming post.


  1. niceeeee. thank you for the information.

  2. Hi do we need to get any permission to camp there?? And if yes then who do I contact?

  3. Hi Houyan, thks for the writing n photos.
    If i intend to trek to waterfall and camp for one nite there, you think is safe and enjoyful? Any good place to park the car for overnite? Thks

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  5. Hi, is there any contact number available for more information of this place?

  6. You may contact myself 0169406460 to arrange hiking to Bukit Kutu or Lata Medan.

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  8. Hi,thank you. Is it safe to camp overnite

  9. Hello, were there any leeches?

  10. Good info...Thank you so much

  11. Good info...Thank you so much

  12. Good info...Thank you so much

  13. hi how about saturday and sunday?it is open ?

  14. hi, is this place can go now days?